Making our Ministry “Comprehensive”

The ”Comprehensive”approach to youth ministry proposes a holistic ministry with youth that is directed towards the goals of empowering disciples, promoting participation in the community, and fostering the total personal and spiritual growth of each young person. These goals are achieved through the framework of eight components of ministry and a variety of settings:

  1. Gathered and non-gathered ministries with youth
  2. Ministry with families of youth
  3. Ministry to youth through the life of the parish
  4. Ministry to youth through the life of the school (where applicable),
  5. Ministry to youth utilizing the resources of the community at large.

By providing support and management of this skill building program, we hope to encourage people to engage in ministry with youth that speaks to their developmental and spiritual needs.

This eight course training program is designed specially for professional and volunteer leaders in parish and Catholic school ministry with young and older adolescents – youth ministers, religious educators, clergy, chaplains, campus ministers, and school teachers.

It equips leaders with the knowledge, skills, practical tools, and techniques needed for creative and comprehensive ministry with youth.

It nurtures the personal, spiritual, and ministerial growth of leaders for ministry in today’s Church.

It develops the confidence, competence, and credibility of leaders for effective ministry with youth.

We strive to present this course within an adult learning setting that is manageble and provides the adult student with ongoing support and feedback.